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JTE Communications is Moving

JTE Communications is excited to announce that we are moving from New Mexico to Oregon. After two years in Santa Fe, New Mexico the company is relocating to Beaverton, Oregon.

Existing Customers

Fear not, the move will have zero effect on our existing clients. We will still provide the same remote offerings as we always have, and there will be no interruptions to your services. The move will actually save a bit of money for our for-profit clients, as we will no longer be charging state sales taxes as soon as the move is complete in June 2022.

New Clients

Due to the chaos of moving, we will not schedule any new client consultations through June 6, 2022.

Why we’re moving

It’s nothing personal, Santa Fe. JTE Communications will never forget it was born New Mexico True! But part of the excitement of owning a home business is taking it with you when you move your family across the country. Tim has accepted a great new position with Intel so Falkor and Amanda are packing up the office and resettling. We look forward to mingling with the Beaverton business community and sharing our marketing and communication know-how with the Pacific Northwest!

We’re moving from New Mexico to Oregon.

JTE Communications



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