Marketing solutions for little orgs with big dreams.

Marketing solutions for little orgs with big dreams


I believe with effective multi-platform marketing, organizations with big dreams can change the world and as a member of your team, we can make a difference together.



I am a communications professional with more than 10 years of experience. My goal is to use my skills and expertise to help organizations succeed by forming meaningful connections with their target audiences. I rely on data to monitor progress and show results.


JTE Communications provides marketing solutions to organizations to achieve their dreams.



Amanda Evrard

JTE Communications Founder & President

I am the proud owner of two rescue dogs, a rescue bearded dragon and a foster cat. I currently volunteer with Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Felines and Friends of New Mexico.

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Bachelor’s in Public Relations: University of Oregon
Master’s in Nonprofit Management: Our Lady of the Lake University


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What Sets Us Apart?

Creative Solutions

Product photos that pop may be the difference between a new customer and lost revenue. I aim to find new ways to showcase ideas and leave a lasting impression.

Unique Perspective

I love finding new approaches to old problems and using real data to monitor results and improve over time.

Professional Experience

Working with teams passionate about public service and civic engagement motivates me to succeed. My enthusiasm will be seen by your donors and community.

Options that fit your Budget

     JTE Communications understands the needs of small businesses and nonprofit organizations — we offer our rates on a sliding scale based on your annual revenue or operating budget. We look forward to growing with our clients!

     You and your organization are unique – which is why we do not have a one-size-fits-all menu of services and prices. We would love to meet with you for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them before providing you with a free estimate. 

     Depending on your needs we can bill by the hour or charge a flat rate fee by project. You may also elect to pre-pay a monthly retainer for services to guarantee your needs will be met as they arise.

What Our customers say

Amanda Evrard is creative, a very strong writer and editor, and someone who grasps issues quickly and can then write about them fluidly. She works hard and is a self-starter with good initiative and is able to prioritize, multi-task and work without constant direction. She has good familiarity with print production and electronic communication.

Judy McCarter of McCarter Communication, Inc.

JTE Communications is wonderful at helping me envision my goal, focus on what it will take to get there, and break it into achievable steps. Amanda Evrard stays up on the latest research and has an amazing knack of anticipating my needs, providing my nonprofit with innovative and affordable solutions. In a world full of stress and distractions she helps me stay positive and stay on track.

Charlotte-Anne Lucas of NOWCastSA

Clients & Affiliations

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